15 thoughts on “Should everything get a celebration?

  1. quoting poison whilst doing pull up….do i sound awesome or what? the sun was epic, the drink was delicious and pippa’s spelling topped off the evening. or maybe coach and tammy taylor did…not sure. anyhoo, wonderful way to celebrate roosters.

    • If we have to celebrate, it might as well be roosters! Especially when it involves drinks and the patio and rearranging food a billion times for a photo that’s only mediocre…

  2. Many of us take roosters seriously, after all males of all stripes are, shall we say, indespensible. Our hens would be lost w/o Milt (he’s a rooster, just for the record). I’ll pass on the good news that he has a day in his honor, he’ll be impressed!

  3. Love the poem!! you guys just crack me up. please say you are both coming to the reunion to liven things up.

  4. I’m thinking back to my introduction to the mighty Michelada- It was July, I was 12 weeks pregnant and had just driven from Acapulco to Mexico City in a hot car with three other people. In their parched and somewhat rattled state, the consensus was that the MIchelada was the most thirst quenching and satisfying drink ever. I had a bottle of water. If you are brewing them up again, I’m kind of due for one (or two). Call me. Cheers.

    If you EVER have a pirate, New Orleans, LaFitte’s or SAZARAC day, please call.

  5. Drink: Awesome (esp) the Sriracha. Poem: Clearly this child is working on a metaphoric level — I sense deeper meaning relevant to many of life’s persistent torments. What, no reading Chaucer on Rooster Day? Chanticleer would be sad.

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