9 thoughts on “Texas has been sneaky

  1. So sneaky. When I was in Austin and Fort Worth last year, there were several times I suddenly found myself on a toll road, not a red cent on me, which turned out not to be an issue since there were no toll gates/booths. I knew they’d be scanning the cars somehow and wondered if/how it would come back to bite me. As yet, it hasn’t. Perhaps it was the black electrical tape I’d used to cover the license plate? In any case, I can’t believe the NERVE of the rental contract.

    Did they ever, at any point, offer even the slimmest explanation of why it costs *them* $2.50 a day to add a one-tiime charge to your bill when you return the car? It’s not like that $3.00 that they had to send off to the toll company would have earned 83.3% interest daily and until you restored it, they’d make it up by charging you all that lost earnings. In. F@ing. Sane. So wrong. Frothing justified.

    • There’s no real justification for the rental contract. And even if I’d remembered reading it, I wouldn’t have known it applied when I didn’t even know I was on a toll road to start with! ooooh… getting frothy all over again. It’s incredibly annoying. As far as I know there aren’t any other “cashless” toll roads on the west coast so I should be good for the rest of this rental. But caveat emptor all you car renters out there…

      • Continuing my role as a TomTom for iPhone ambassador — when you enter a destination, it detects if there are toll roads and offers the option to avoid them = )

        Obviously I didn’t have it when I was in Texas last!

      • speaking of things I stole from you, your tom tom set up is winging it’s way to you as I type! It only took me a month to return it…

  2. Yesterday this post upset me and I wanted to rant. I clicked away instead. Thought I’d come back and look for the silver lining. And I’ve come up with – you got a post out of the experience and, and, ah . . .

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