11 thoughts on “I was promised a bowl full of happiness…

  1. this is all ALMOST too much….but i’m too curious what the next few days (when we start feeding them) will bring. so, i don’t want to flush them quite yet. oh how i poured over that advertisement in the back of the archie comic books, hoping to one day have a tubful of tumbling, playful sea monkeys to thrill me. now, i get them! yay us! yet somehow i can’t help but wonder if a zoo of chattering monkeys would indeed be more interesting…

  2. I await breathlessly further reports on your sea monkeys, since from childhood, I, too, have longed to be a proud owner.
    Well, I really wanted a real monkey, but my family wasn’t that into pets.

  3. Hilarious. I well remember the ads from the comic books when I was a kid. Sea monkey family in the foreground. Father was sitting legs crossed, looked very effeminate. Were they wearing crowns? Anyway, they never got very big/visible. Magic rocks were much cooler. But this post is excellent.

    • yes, they have little spiky fins on their heads that look like crowns. The Sea Monkey “craze” owes it’s entire life to that picture. I wanted them so bad as a kid! Thought they would look just like tiny sea dragons. With bows.

  4. Hey, every year in 5th grade science we try to get “sea monkeys” alias brine shrimp, to hatch. We sometimes suceed, but , alas, they quickly die. My books say to feed them dry yeast…Let me know how it goes. I obviously haven’t spent enough money on them. Mom

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