12 thoughts on “North vs. South: The Biscuit Bake Off

  1. Seriously, I can give you an address. I’ll be in akron, oh from monday till thursday. All leftover biscuits, brownies, pies, and other “overflow experiments” can be sent there.

    I’m so bloody hungry right now.

    • I have cookies from a recipe originally given to me by Corey Polish and originally made for us by his mom and delivered to our bus during Producer days. you should come over.

  2. 1. They all look awesome!

    2. With Evernote, I was able to save Sarah’s biscuit recipe to my notes collection with one click thanks to the handy Safari plug-in (given your many projects and writing activity spectrum, you will become an Evernote devotee once you try it).

    3. I thought *I* defined flaky.

    4. Warm biscuits with butter and jam are one of the great gifts of the universe, and one I (thankfully) mostly forget about.

    • 1. your friends define “flaky.” you, not as much.
      2. I already downloaded 4 apps for my iphone. I think I’ve hit my limit for the week. Talk to me in a couple days about Evernote.
      3. try Sarah’s biscuits. you will love them.
      4. I ate a biscuit for breakfast and I made cookies tonight. Dear! God!

  3. As previously mentioned, people define “perfect” in different ways when referring to biscuits. Mamaw, of Jewett, TX fame, made hers in a cast iron skillet in the oven. She rolled them thinner, rather than thicker, and dipped each side in melted butter and put them in a hot iron skillet, then in the oven. They came out thin and crispy on both sides. This was your dad’s favorite ever, and she make them DAILY, along with a pan of cornbread, for munching. Personally, I like them with some whole wheat flour so they aren’t at all gummy. The different drummer, Mom

    • we’re making biscuits when I’m at your house so I can get a visual on Mamaw’s technique. Also, you may be right about the WW flour but I’m not 100% convinced about its lack of gumminess. Maybe we need a other biscuit bake off…

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