12 thoughts on “Is Friday the 13th a holiday?

  1. Great way to celebrate Friday the 13th. The pies look delicious! Wonderful the way the 13th got all gnarly. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Friday the 13th pie.
    FYI, holidaysinsights.com says that to day is also: Blame Someone Else Day, Frog Jumping Day, and Leprechaun Day. Who comes up with these and why?

  2. Very much a “slasher” pie- like the Friday part was okay, but with the 13th, the monster lost all control.

  3. there was so much that went on yesterday afternoon in this kitchen. wow. and, that friday pie was much like a cherry brick, but still tasted delicious!

  4. LOVE THE PIES! I think it’s appropriate that the “1” be backwards. Isn’t that part of the cliche of typography for slasher flicks, as though the villains themselves had made the movie title logo and are too deranged or developmentally arrested to get all their “s’s” and “e’s” and such facing the right way?

    I didn’t know the “frigga” part of the phobia word, but did know the rest. And you can rest comfortably knowing that this is the only Friday the 13th of 2011 = )

    I wish you had a videographer there — I’d like someone to get some footage so we can see how you and Bethany interact = )

    • I think Bethany and I are happy about the lack of videographers available to make house calls in Bellingham… :) Sometimes the edited version of something is MORE than enough!

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