10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Twilight Zone

  1. Like the classic T.Z. this is very eerie with a great twist. Love the pic at the table over the food. Are these pics of Bellingham?

  2. Nice. And I love the tags = ) Funny how that polaroid frame shape — originally designed that way just so you’d have a place to hold a pic while shaking it dry and later scrawl “Birthday party 1976” in spidery pen, I suppose — has become such a lasting design element.

    • That it’s a polaroid gives it a little vintage push but there is something about it that I really enjoy visually. It’s probably the frame factor in general. The way it draws everything together.

  3. Spooky, almost as creepy in photo as in film glad I had lights on and wasn’t alone my imagination would have gone wild. Happy TW night.

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