7 thoughts on “National Butterscotch Brownie Day

  1. Yummy! It’s a good thing I’m not there. Ever see a grown man growl? I don’t know if it’s from living with dogs. But the thought of a pan of Butterscotch Brownies with Heath bars laying around – I’d be guarding it with mean looks and deep rumbling snarls.

  2. Yum. You know, you could roll that into a ball, soft-candy-coat it, jam a stick in it and call it a browniescotch pop.

    Coffee X-change has blondies that are deeelicious, next time you’re down this way. Or maybe I’ll remember to bring some to Silver next month!

    They’re much like a thing I made last year (or before) I called a “cakie” — half cookie, half cake, all good. Maybe I’ll bring that. Clearly I’d have to hide either option from Greg.

  3. i have eaten WAY too many of these. thanks kaitlyn…i can always count on you to help me gain those extra few pounds. ;)

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