9 thoughts on “Procession of the Species

  1. OK, I can’t help with the earth/bacterium thing, but I think the umbrella guy is a manowar jellyfish. Maybe?

    Superhero movies: Check out Badass sometime when you’re bored.

    And if the topic truly interests you, some time you want to fall down the Google hole, look up “Phoenix Jones real life superhero” — there’s a fascinating subculture of “RLSH” and Mr. Jones shook them all up by, well, fighting crime instead of delivering sandwiches to the homebound.

    Bonus: He’s an hour and a half away, Seattle.

    PS: Love the pony — you’re getting tres crafty!

  2. Adorable My Little Pony. Love Low Rent Sheet-Gators. Sounds like a real thing – like something you’d look up in the Urban Dictionary. Earth Tail Guy was kinda creepy.
    My sister Bethany is bring my siblets down this weekend. Rather than doing the standard cheap-seat movie and Golden Corral buffet, I’m thinking- Hmm, what would Kaitlyn do . . . 10 yards of raffia: check! Hot glue gun: check! Camera: check!

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