9 thoughts on “DIY Star Wars Cakes

  1. i’m crying from laughing so hard…silently laughing because chris is sleeping her beside me. tears are running down my face. i love that you are journaling my life also. what an evening! and i wonder why the kids had such a hard time falling to sleep tonight! :)

  2. International Star Wars day! I had no idea such a fun thing existed. I’m glad you shared this experience. I’m marking my calendar for next year’s ISW day party. (I think I will craft Jabba the Hut out of Spam.)
    Loved the cup cakes. They looked delicious.

    • They were more fun to make than to eat. The kids ate all the candy and licked off all the frosting and left everything else :) I’ll join you for next year’s celebration. Imagine the possibilities…

  3. I am so sorry to have missed the celebration of the 4th being with you however given to puns I think you had a fifth first. But I loved the effort – Stephen had a Star Wars party last birthday I was no where near as creative – ordered the beach party cake from CostCo sans ball and any thing but sand and sky and let him stick his new figurines in it and called it good, glad he’s in bed or guess what we would be doing for Mother’s day? C3PO to you!

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