Everything is different and nothing has changed

A far too short list of thank yous to people who made all the difference on my trip:

To Kirsten Solberg in NYC for sharing her home, helping me with parking and making me oatmeal.

To Amos in NYC for drinks and talks about boys and the future.

To Christian Carter-Ford in NYC for shared tattoo time.

To Nik in NYC for coffee and DG story time.

To Tracy Janosko in Falls Church, Virginia for her hospitality, laundry, tacos, cinnamon rolls and late night chats about the future.

To Joe in Durham, NC for his generosity.

To Sue, John, Kimberly, Alithea and Neena in Aiken SC for their hospitality, laundry, hand drawn maps, creole shrimp, chocolate pie and cinnamon rolls.

To Elizabeth in Atlanta for her hospitality, dinner at Six Feet Under, laundry, Italian eggs, an 80’s dance party, books and her listening ear.

To Mama Margie and Papa Charlie in Nashville, TN for dinners, gas, breakfasts, their hospitality, laundry, unwavering support and indulgence of my photographic needs.

To CJ for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

To Laura in Bloomington, IN for sushi, beer and 20 years worth of catch up.

To Thomas in Chicago, IL for his hospitality, companionship, enthusiasm, laundry, blog PR and eggs benedict.

To Lisa in Wheaton, IL for dinner, putting me up in the pretty pretty princess room, long conversations and solidarity in sweat and heat.

Cynthia in Dallas, TX for her hospitality under crowded conditions, dinner at Samar, laundry, breakfast and Habib’s referral to friends in San Fran.

To Stephan Pyles in Dallas TX for his generous dinner at Samar.

To the Branks Bros for conversation over breakfast.

To Greta in Abiquiu, New Mexico for her hospitality, for dinner, breakfast, sunsets over the sacred river Chama and blog analyses.

To Nate in Globe, AZ for his hospitality, bar conversation, rides in Starglint, small town festivals and for being that person in the room that I can always look at when something crazy happens.

To Diane, Justin, Big Marc and Little Ruedas in Tucson, AZ for their hospitality. To Diane for her support in my crazy endeavors and the way she always wants to hear my stories.

To the boys at Maison Garcon for sushi dinners, drinks on the patio during Monkeyball, inspiring conversations, early Easter celebrations, laundry and blog support.

To Jules in Tucson, AZ for Vietnamese food, sweating, conversation and more conversation.

To Carol in Tucson, AZ for lunch, support and enthusiasm.

To Jessc in Sierra Vista, AZ for loaning me part of her soul. Also for her hospitality, hiking, for her smoked pork loin dinner and for always having wine.

To Karen in Tucson, AZ for my taxes, my mail and her patience.

To Missy and Jeremiah in Prescott AZ for dinner, Roller Derby, hospitality during Easter weekend, gardening with cocktails and blog support.

To Claudia in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA for her hospitality (thanks Tobias!), for short ribs and curry dinner, cupcakes, laundry, long walks and longer conversation.

To Chauncey in Hollywood, CA for lunch, stories and his willingness to get a parking ticket so we could hang out longer

To Cathi in Laguna Beach, CA for time, breakfast, stories and shared history.

To Matt in Palo Alto, CA for dinner, Hilton points, Christmas presents and encouragement.

To Bob in Palo Alto, CA for dinner and touring stories.

And last but never least, to my sister Bet for being my end point for this journey. For her eternal open house, her involvement in my life, her love of food and travel and for birthing two of the cutest kids on the planet so I can be auntie.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I couldn’t have done this trip without you all. Nor would I have wanted to.

Now that the road trip is over, this week’s blogging is going to be a bit of this and that as I figure out where it’s (I’m) going. I mean, I know what’s next but not how to get there.

Join me as I figure it out :)

See you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Everything is different and nothing has changed

  1. i love sitting in the living room across from you while i read your words and type this. so much love in one room. xoxoxox

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