10 thoughts on “And then to arrive

  1. so so so so fun. so so so so glad you made it in time. :) now….let’s get on with all the celebrating to be had!

  2. So there really *was* a drink in Washington with your name on it — literally! What’s all that green stuff on the ground in the background. It looks soft.

  3. I like that G&T’s have their own season. Unfortunately, Texas reverted to almost winter yesterday, so we have to delay opening day. (I have to delay until next year, but that’s another story!)
    Glad you arrived safely!

  4. Congratulations on a well done road trip (also well documented). We are happy to see you arrive safely in the land of paradise and some well deserved r & r. Talk to you soon.

  5. Success! Kudos for making a plan, planning for the plan, documenting the plan, and seeing the plan to it’s conclusion. Very inspirational. Might be that one day I’ll try that.

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