I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells.

Started here this morning:

Ended here tonight:

I have about 1000 pictures of the Pacific ocean from the California coast. It’s such a difficult thing to photograph and no picture ever captures what it’s like to sit on the beach watching the surf pound on the shore as the sun sets with sailboats silhouetted against the horizon. Magical.

Mostly drove today. Started listening to The Help on audiotape and LOVE it already. I’m very curious how the written version reads. I find the auditory version delectable for the character voices, accents and personalities. Those are hard things to convey in written form.

Notable today: an inventive use of trash at Tio’s Tacos in Riverside:

The beer bottle chapel:

It all feels so familiar, doesn’t it? The creative recycling, the all consuming love of concrete, the folk art and religious shrines. I could ask why (and would have, had the artist, Martin Sanchez, been around) but I’m finding that my questions for these artists go deeper than an hour long conversation about inspiration. I want to delve back and find that first point where they picked up a beer bottle, watched the light shine through it and pictured a wall; or saw a stuffed monkey and decided to make a jungle:

At what point did they need to purchase land to house their collections?

Who was the first person they ignored who said “creating a figure out of bottle caps is ridiculous!”

How many legal permits did they obtain to build their wonderlands? Are there ever enough admirers to make it worthwhile or is the act of creation enough?

After some wondering and picture taking and shaking my head, I kept driving until I ran out of road in San Clemente and then ate delicious ceviche at La Siesta:

And watched the sun set on the beach.

2 reasons to love California.

You have a full week of beach pictures coming at you! Aren’t you excited?

All right, keep it down. The neighbors will talk.

More tomorrow. See you then

12 thoughts on “I like nonsense. It wakes up the brain cells.

  1. You are so right that no picture captures what it feels like to be at the ocean. No video, either. It truly is one of those things that keeps you (me) coming back. I wonder if people who live by the sea begin to take it for granted. I wonder if I should become one of those people and find out.

  2. oh! you are going to LOVE that book the more you get into it! i’m so glad you’re listening to it! i wish i could sit on a beach with you and watch the sun go down. wait…we can do that here! yay for living near the sea!!!

  3. Sunsets my favorite times at the beach. Thanks for the reminder of how accessible peace is and how easy we can dismiss it. Happy Trails.

    • yes! I haven’t seen enough sunsets this trip. The days are getting so much longer as I drive north. But there’s nothing better than the play of light on water.

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